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Most people know that Whisler Plumbing and Heating does a lot of large construction projects for many of the most well-known companies in Massillon and Canton. But did you know that we can also do those small repairs you need done at your home or office? Well, we can!

We will handle any size project, from simple toilet and faucet repairs and hot water tank replacements, right on up to entire piping system replacements, including water lines and drains! Our plumbers are experienced and will work hard to make sure that your satisfaction is complete. And if your office or other place of business has repair or replacement items that your in-house staff needs help to complete, call us. We will partner with you to do “the heavy lifting” that may be out of your area of expertise.

Call us today. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you, and if needed, we will visit you in person to see just how best we can be of service to you.